A Visit to Bavaria in the United States

A Visit to Bavaria in the United States


In the mountains of Georgia, lays the city of Helen. It was once a logging town, but as it began to decline the city resurrected itself as a replica of a Bavarian alpine town. German architecture was mandated for the city in 1969, so every building keeps the theme going.

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This was a fun stop along our drive from Tennessee to Atlanta. We decided to visit at the last minute when driving between Gatlinburg, TN and Atlanta, GA. I would not suggest going too far out of your way for it. Although the town does host several festivals, that would be fun to see, such as Oktoberfest and hot air balloon races.

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We walked along the picturess streets for a while and found a restaurant to eat some classic German dishes.

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On the way back to the car, we stopped at a fudge shop for me and a jerky shop for Donovan. This town had something for everyone 😉 I will say the median age of the other tourists was probably 60. The internet, however, tells me that it can get quite crowded on the weekends and for festivals.

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The town is a fun slice of another culture only about an hour and a half from Atlanta. It definitely increased my desire to visit Germany for real.

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