Aruban Beaches

Aruban Beaches


Aruba, as you might expect, is covered in beaches and most of them are beautiful light sand beaches stretching out into turquoise waters.  The great thing about Aruba’s beaches is they are (almost) all public, so you can enjoy any beach no matter where you are staying. The only privates ones are Renaissance and DePalm Islands; you have to pay a lot to get out there for the day.

The left side of the island is covered in sandy beaches. Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are what you’ll read the most about online, because all the hotels are located along them. They are beautiful beaches, light sand, turquoise waters, but they are packed. Many people come to Aruba, stay at an all inclusive hotel, and spend all day at the beach right outside their hotel. It certainly wouldn’t be a bad way to spend a couple days, but there’s a lot more to Aruba.


Here’s a beach just North of the crowded hotel area.

The southeastern side of the island, Seroe Colorado where we stayed, had two main beaches: Rogers Beach and Baby Beach. They were fairly busy during the weekends, but full of locals not so many tourists. On the weekdays, we had the whole beach to ourselves at times.

Baby Beach is a crescent shaped cove with shallow waters almost all the way out of the crescent shape. I could wade out a long ways and still have the water only at my shoulders. It’s popular for families, since the kids can play in the shallow water. If you drive a ways past the crescent shaped beach, there’s a rocky reef.

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Roger’s Beach is next door to Baby Beach, but even less crowded. We came here on the weekdays, sat in the shade of a cabana, and had the beach to ourselves for stretches.

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DSC_0442c2  DSC_0452c2  DSC_0476c2

There are also some beaches with snorkeling off the shore. We visited Boca Catalina, Malmok Beach, and Baby Beach to snorkel. Although there are other sites as well such as Mangel Halto and Boca Grandi.


The right side of Aruba is also covered in beaches, but they are not suitable for swimming. This side is exposed to the open Caribbean Sea and has a strong undertow. Aruba is not in the Hurricane Belt, making it great year round for vacations, but they still get huge waves set their way from it. This coast is more divers with some sand beaches, others exposed cliffs with huge waves crashing against them, and other areas are rocky beaches.

We spent one morning along the Grapefield Beach coast, wading in the water, and watching the kite surfers perform tricks.

DSC_0540c2  DSC_0546c2  DSC_0543c2

Other areas we visited during out “Wild Side” tour of Aruba.

Like the Andicuri BeachDSC_0236c2


the Natural Pool inside the Arikok National Park


and the long expanse of rocky coasts.

DSC_0139c2  DSC_0080c2  DSC_0114c2

We had a great time laying out on the Aruban beaches we visited. You really can’t go wrong. Just make sure to put on a lot of sunscreen. The constant trade winds make it so you don’t realize how hot you are or how burnt you’re getting!

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