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How to Doodle a House

How to Doodle a House

I’ve always loved architecture. As my husband and I walk our dogs through the neighborhood we are always commenting on the houses we pass. Each style has its own charm and personality.

I used to be really “bad” at doodling. I never liked the doodles I would do in my notebook back in school or during a meeting. As I have gotten more into art, I have become better about really seeing an object. Art is all about breaking down any object into elements and shapes. A house or building can be represented through squares, rectangles, circles etc. Like anything else in life, the more time I’ve spent the better I’ve become.

For the month of October, many artists on Instagram do “Inktober,” a month long drawing challenge. I gave myself a challenge of drawing 31 houses. Now October isn’t quite over, but since I’ve drawn about 10 realistic houses I don’t think I’m quite making that goal. Instead I shifted focus and decided to come up with different ways to doodle houses. I ended up creating 50 different house doodles.

I’m adding that page of house doodles here in case you need some inspiration of your own!

Of course, even better than imitating the houses I’ve doodled is to draw your own. Every one of these houses is just a mix and match of different elements, those different shapes.

Here’s a quick guide to a few house elements:

House shapes can be short, long, tall, have sections in varying heights, or be turned sideways for a more 3D shape.

Roofs can be parallelograms, triangles, or outlined. They can have striped or wavy shingles. They could be left your background color or made a solid color.

Doors can be square, curved, or doubled.

Windows can be square, rectangular, curved, big, small, or even bay window style. The panes can be as few or many as you want.

Other extras to try adding include: garages, porches, or windows on your roof. One of my doodles even has a tiny plant by the front door!

The best part about doodles is they are supposed to be perfect! The not totally parallel lines and not quite proportional elements give your doodles their own quirky personality. So let go and just have fun.

If you make your own house doodles, I’d love to see them! Tag me on Instagram @mylifetimeofadventures. You can also go on Instagram to see the realistic houses I made this month.

Happy creating!

The Vagabond Adventures: leg three

The Vagabond Adventures: leg three

“If you don’t have any plans, you can end up doing some interesting things” -Karl Pilkington

Lago de Nicarage, Lake Nicaragua, is the largest lake in Central America and the 19th largest in the world. It dominates the Southwest part of Nicaragua. During our previous trips, we traveled the sliver of land between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean. Our final destination was la Isla de Ometepe, an island inside Lago de Nicaragua composed of two volcanoes. Volcan Concepción, an active volcano, makes up the Northern half of the island, while the extinct Volcan Maderas is connected by a narrow strip of land. It was by far my favorite place during my whole study abroad.


We took a one hour ferry from San Jorge to Moyogalpa on Isla de Ometepe. We chatted with the ferry workers and they let me “drive” the ferry!


We stayed in a hostel called The Landing Place in Moyogalpa. Cheap, clean beds, our own bath, and a room full of hammocks on the top floor. We ate at Mar Dulce, an Argentinean restaurant up the road, multiple times during our stay. They had the most delicious smoothies.


Our first adventure was going to the Ojo de Agua, the Eye of the Water, springs of mineral waters that are supposed to have healing properties. It cost $3 to get in and was a little disappointing. It was basically a swimming pool they flowed the water through and the water was not warm. They did have a rope swing to jump into the water and we had fun floating around, talking to other tourists.

 IMAG0814c2  IMAG0803c2

The second day, we hiked the trail up to the San Ramon waterfall. 3 km, that felt more like 30, straight up the side of Volcan Maderas. The trail was not always well marked and included climbing up rocks and over trickling water. It was one of the harder things I have ever done. The 350 feet waterfall waiting at the top, however, is more than worth it. We waded in the cold water pooling at the bottom of the waterfall. This was what I had been searching for, a natural waterfall I waded into and could stand beneath the falling water. We had fun playing in the pools, finding some water creatures, and drying off in the sun. In all, it took the whole day between our ride from the other side of the island and the hikes up and down the volcano.

DSC_0900c2 DSC_0901c2 DSC_0903c2

DSC_0906c2  DSC_0908c2

DSC_0909c2  DSC_0911c2

DSC_0004 (2)c3  DSC_0024c2  DSC_0947c2



One thing checked off my bucket list

For our third day, we decided to explore the island a little more freely and rented dirt bikes. There is one big road that loops around the island, so it’s hard to get lost. The road was nicely paved for about 2/3 of our trip. Our end destination was El Caballito’s Mar Kayak Tours. Between day two and three, I was getting a full body work-out. We paddled along the lake shore and up into a river, about a 3 hour round trip. In the river, we saw birds, alligators, lizards, monkeys, turtles, and sleeping bats.

 IMAG0881c2  IMAG0887c2

IMAG0863c2 IMAG0847c2  IMAG0865c2IMAG0857c2

If I ever return to the island, and I sincerely hope I do, I want to do the hike up Volcan Concepción, about an 8 hour trip, and hike up Volcan Maderas, about a 6 hour trip (not back to back!). There were also many beaches and a few small towns we didn’t get a chance to explore.