Meet Lindsay Rose

Meet Lindsay Rose




Hi I’m Lindsay Rose, a small-town Illinois creative entrepreneur! I am a photographer, artist, graphic designer, and all around adventurer. Just a girl with big dreams to explore the world.


When I’m not covered in paint or ink, I work at the American Cancer Society helping communities make fundraising events happen. I’m a newlywed, but have been in love with my husband, Donovan, for 6 years. He’s the perfect “go for it” to my over-planning cautious ways. I’m an introvert who can never get enough snuggles from our two puppies, Chiba and Edie. I love the night sky & wildflowers, rocky coastlines & mountains, puns & Polaroids. I’m a gypsy soul who loves to travel and cross items off my bucket list. I have zip lined in the rain forest of Costa Rica, snorkled in Aruba, and hang glided over the San Francisco coast.






As the owner of Lifetime of Adventures, I created this blog to connect with other creatives! If you also love the rain, starting a new DIY, exploring places close to home and far away, and a good inspirational quote, we will probably be best friends. I want to provide you with hand-lettered wedding signs, personalized gifts, and travel plans. Whether you’re a fellow explorer or creative, I hope you find connection and good content here.

The name Lifetime of Adventures comes from the quote “Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” This quote is mistakenly attributed to Lewis Carroll, but actually was submitted anonymously to Post Secret over a photo of Alice in Wonderland. This is how I hope to live my life, treating every opportunity like the greatest adventure. We are also constantly on a quest to live simply and adventure more. I always appreciate time together and acts of kindness over physical gifts.



My love of quotes and hand lettering started at an early age. Who remembers the blog site Xanga?! Back in the day, I had one that was pages and pages and pages of quotes that I loved. I enjoyed cursive in school and constantly tried new ways to draw letter shapes. In high school I took art classes. My favorite medium was chalk pastels and I took a photography class. In college thanks to a friend, I got seriously into photography, bought my first DSLR and learned Photoshop. Pretty quickly I started combining my photos with typed quotes. Then thanks to Pinterest and Instagram I discovered the hand lettering community. Modern hand lettering quickly grabbed my heart and hasn’t let go.


Come explore with me!

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Wedding photos taken by Stephanie Susie Photography.

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