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The Meaning of Pura Vida

The Meaning of Pura Vida

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” -Neale Donald Walsch

They say the phrase “Pura vida!” in Costa Rica all the time. It literally means pure life, but they use it as a greeting, as a salutation, an answer to “how are you?”, as a “let’s do this!”, as everything. Pura vida is the perfect phrase to describe my first experience white water rafting. That’s what it was: pure life. One minute we’d be floating gently down the river with just beautiful selva (jungle) on either side. The next minute adrenaline would flow through you as your guide yelled “forward!” and we charged into a rapid. White water rafting was one of the best thing I have ever done. I’m totally hooked! Pura vida!

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The Río Pacuare is apparently world known for its rapids and the selva on either side was absolutely beautiful. The river floated us past waterfalls, canyon walls, selva so dense you couldn’t see past the first few trees, and indigenous homes that are only accessible through the river. My raft had 6 people in it, plus our guide Ricky. The journey contained 38 level 3 & 4 rapids. A little rapid information for you all: The highest level of rapids is 5, so this was quite a wild ride for my first trip! It was a 4 hour trip on the river, plus we had a lunch break on the side of the river. The river was so cold and soaked us completely through, but with all the heavy paddling we were doing it felt good.


Note: These photographs were obviously not taken by me. They were purchased from the tour company.